Urban Zero

Transport revolution. Upcycling. Environmental neutrality. Each of these terms is based on a very simple idea: green transformation. With Urban Zero, an initiative is now joining this movement, starting where most people and industries have settled: in urban areas. This ambitious project is not only associated with a new responsibility for future generations, but also with an invitation. To the citizens of Duisburg, numerous regional organizations, scientific institutions and companies.

Blackspace has also accepted this invitation. And supported Urban Zero with a clear and direct visual identity. In this, the new logo functions not only as a visual component of the initiative, but also as a very clear message. Sustainable change requires not only an innovative approach to resources, but also a new visual language. In which we communicate new ideas in the future. With a logo design that not only identifies a brand, but also the change. Simplified. Understandable for all. In a form that follows the future. And that’s the real deal.