The time is finally ready for stronger interaction. This requires spaces where people don’t talk past each other but communicate and take off their blinders. Blackspace developed just that for the Lehnbachgärten. An innovative format that acts as a counter-model to anonymity. Against the retreat into the private sphere and against isolation.

Instead, a place for spontaneous encounters and productive exchange. Whether in the day bar, the lobby, on the roof terrace or in the clearly structured meeting room. These spaces bring people together. To look and to listen. To talk, to experience, to learn. To find out what’s on the other person’s mind. What drives them. And perhaps also what new project might open a completely unknown door. These rooms bring the view inwards. At the same time, their elements are in a harmonious context to each other, influencing human perception.

So that was Blackspace’s approach when it came to providing these ideas with a suitable visual identity, which included not only a new logo, but also a timeless space design and its implementation. To create the creative framework for the really important moments in life. Moments in which people combine their skills to create something new. Together.