Labor Becker

Every now and then you simply have to tidy up. Then it’s time to open the windows, say goodbye to the old and welcome the new at the doorstep. The trick, as so often in life, is not to forget where you come from. And yet you should give new ideas the space to unfold. Of course, this also applies to a company with such a long history as Labor Becker. Blackspace has accompanied the traditional company in this process with a new corporate design. And it was quite a process. After all, it took place simultaneously with a holistic transformation of the health care system, which has its origins in the brand´s attitude. Health means much more than the absence of diseases. It means sustainable promotion instead of pure treatment.

This changed attitude must be concisely reflected by a revised visual identity. The new structure now makes the company’s personal guiding principle appear even more clearly: Behind every sample is a person. And a health that is worth to be supported.