A design process is always a journey into the unusual. You have to think of it like a quest. Especially when one of the most famous car brands in the world asks you to look for a new visual identity together. Away from a traditional car manufacturer, towards a mobility brand. With the goal of giving the brand an even stronger personality.

So, to approach Kia’s personality as directly as possible, we first looked not at the big picture, but at the immediate expression of each person: the gesture as movement from which something new emerges. A movement that is connected with the most diverse activities. Drawing. Showing. Grasping. And writing. It’s hard to believe what there is to write. Sloppy notes and revealing love letters. Touching goodbye letters and number one hits. No matter what we choose. What they all have in common is that a signature is placed underneath them. A signature. And thus a movement that is constantly repeated in everyday life. Following a rhythm, unconsciously arising from the human personality. Not as a character that functions in a rigid system. But expressive and free. And so that was the aspiration. A design process as a movement and a search for how to translate the personality of the Kia brand into a rhythmic signature. Into a movement that inspires.