If we look at the human history, it becomes clear that creating is part of our nature. But to start something new requires courage, and trust. In oneself, in others and in the future. In this context, it is quite fitting that the Genesis car brand, which emerged independently from the Hyundai Group in 2015, already carries the origin in its name. And yet the step towards a new logo and a new design DNA is one of the most challenging that a still young brand must take. But what footsteps should a brand like Genesis follow, which does not yet have a heritage like other brands? All that remains is to set out on a new journey of its own. Even if they are still gentle steps at the beginning, which gradually press themselves into the still raw ground. Perhaps it is the glimpse of a path. For sure, however the direction seems to be clear. Sketchy, quickly drawn into the ground. Two simple strokes. Two strong lines. Genesis followed these two lines, and soon a design identity manifested itself. Clear and bold. And from that, just a short distance away, an attitude that also builds on the Power Lines.

Audacious. Progressive. Distinctly Korean.

So, it is these two lines that accompany Genesis on their way through the present into the future. And thus not only shape the product launches, but also the entire brand experience and brand space. These are already some reliable companions, don´t you think? With them in your pocket, the journey may not be shorter, but each step will be a lot safer.