Communication is not only the use of signs and language. It is also the ongoing quest for personal expression and freedom. As a brand, Audi took this desire to heart and supported the human quest for more liberty in all its own ways. With their logo. After all, brands also live from personal exchange with people. They are their gateway to a world that is constantly changing. And in which it is no longer enough just to be the sender of messages. Instead, it is even more important to listen and receive. To talk and hit the right note. Precise, innovative, dynamic.

To finally dare more dialogue, Audi has taken the radical step of putting its simplified CI online. For everyone. As open source. An open system replaced logo protection zones. Rules and grids were followed by an inviting experience for everyone and a lively dialogue between the brand and its customers. A novelty in the automotive industry and a sign of a new freedom that comes with a contemporary visual identity.